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Review: The Magickal Botanical Oracle

I have waited for The Magickal Botanical Oracle for so long and the wait was worth it… Read More

Episode 82 – Mat Auryn Talking Mastering Magick – Weird Web Radio

It’s been one hell of a journey! Returning once again to the show to kick off Season 7 is the… Read More

How Do You Master Your Magic? With Mat Auryn | SoulWhat

How do you connect with the moon, stones, plants, candles, and everyday household items to enchant yourself as a powerful… Read More

Review: Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return

Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return Paul Robichaud

Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return by Paul Robichaud is probably the most thorough overview of the Arcadian goat-footed deity ever… Read More

Review: Anatomy of a Witch Oracle

Anatomy of a Witch Laura Tempest Zakroff

I’m not the least bit surprised that I love Anatomy of a Witch Oracle: Cards for the Body, Mind & Spirit by… Read More

Mastering Magick with Mat Auryn – The Witching Hour with Patti Negri

Welcome to an all new episode with your favorite good witch Patti Negri. This week Patti welcomes Mat Auryn. Mat… Read More

Psychic Witch – Reviewed by the Witch of Crow Hollow

This is one of those books that was recommended pretty much everywhere and looked pretty interesting so, it got wishlisted… Read More

4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk with Enfys Episode 20: Mat Auryn

4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk with Enfys Episode 20: Mat Auryn

In 4 Quick Q’s, Enfys asks pagan authors four questions determined at random, by rolling a D20! Tonight was my turn… Read More

Circle Sanctuary’s Circle Talk – Mat Auryn

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcast Mat Auryn

Tonight on Circle Talk, we are going to learn how to boost our psychic ability and incorporate the greater mysteries of… Read More

Protecting & Warding Your Business – New Leaves Catalog

occult witchcraft metaphysical shop store book

I recently wrote an article for for the November 2022 issue of New Leaf Distribution's catalog about simple things you… Read More