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The Eucharist of Mandragora

Alraun Spirit
Blood Brother
Verdant Familiar
Blasphemous Teacher
Blessed Trickster

Drink of me
As I drink of you
Decompose me
Let me rot away
To nothingness
A shamanic death
To nourish your roots
In the Garden of Eden

Bearing the fruit of knowledge
Fill my vines with your emerald ichor
The wine of the gods themselves
As you take in the merlot of my veins

Oh, Brown Lazarus!
Chthonic Christ!
Green Man! Green Devil!
Crowned in stars of violet and white!

Whisper to me in barbarous tongue
Lead the way to the sabbatical dance
Down in the secret grove of the Wildwood
Past the door that has no key

Frenzied, free, ecstatic, divine
Lift me to the full moon’s glow
So that I too may come full bloom