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The Blessing Cord

Adam Sartwell’s newest book The Blessing Cord is pretty genius and creative. Coming in at a little under 200 pages, the book is part crafting, part meditation, part witchcraft and part ceremonial magick. Adam combines the idea of a mala used in eastern traditions for devotional meditation and that of the witch’s ladder which traditionally consists of 40 knots or beads. The focus of the cord is to bring blessings into your life through working on yourself while you grok each bead. Those 40 beads are then divided by the ten sephira of the Qabala’s Tree of Life and then further divided into the four elements. After leading you through construction of your blessing cord he provides visual meditations for each bead, questions to contemplate and a “mantra” of vibrating and resonating the name of the Hebrew God associated with each bead – which he suggests can be changed to other deities that correspond to the sephira if that’s more comfortable for you.

Adam’s writing style is clean, simple and easy to follow – allowing you to grasp what he’s talking about even if the Qabala is something that’s completely foreign to you. He also provides some basic meditation techniques at the beginning which are foundational to the Temple of Witchcraft, which he co-founded, so that you can be in the right “headspace” for the workings in the book. Adam provides gems of insight and wisdom as he shares his ideas of each bead and the realm of consciousness that he associates with it. This book is fantastic for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the Qabala’s Tree of Life and open up to the internal blessings that it holds for us in our daily lives.

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