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The following is amazing feedback that I’ve received for my tarot readings. I’m super appreciative of any and all feedback. Contact me if you would like to have your testimonial posted here. Testimonials are alphabetical by first name.

“Mat is incredibly in-tune with the energies surrounding us. he has the ability to “hear” through the statics of our lives. The latest reading I received is so incredibly spot on! I’ve had many readings in my life, and while many pointed to a couple things that were going on, none were as accurate and complete as this. Everything he told me is indeed pulsing right now and his advice on how to move through these times is superb. THANK YOU, MAT!”

Amelia L. “I want to thank you deeply Mat for the reading you did for me. It was exactly the clarity, direction, and confirmation I needed in regards to my question. Having had my share of readings, I can honestly say I was thoroughly impressed with the accuracy and focus. Thank you so much for the loving energy that you put into the reading. This has more value than words can say. Gratitude for this gift flows from the core of my heart to yours.”

Amy L.Mat’s reading was beyond what I expected. His connection to the cards is unmistakable. Within the first few minutes of the reading, I had goosebumps. The reading spelled out things that I had just began to process myself and gave a nice boost to work I had recently started. Mat has a gentle tone of voice that eases you into a reading. Would highly recommend Mat as a fantastic tarot reader.”

Andrew L.“I’m fairly skeptical about psychics and psychic readings in general, but I was gifted a reading for Halloween and saw it through. I found Mat to be likable, professional, sensitive, insightful, and well… psychic! He called out several specific instances that came true within the next five months, including something that seemed improbable at the time of the reading that ended up coming to pass. Without his foresight I would have been blindsided and unable to cope effectively with the situation. From the bottom of my heart, I thank him. I would highly recommend Mat to anyone in need of such a service.”

Angela F.“I found Mat to be a strong, compassionate and respectful reader. His open yet professional approach allowed me to settle into the experience immediately. He is a confident yet humble guide with a highly intuitive gift. Not only did he expose the core of my query, which had been hidden from me initially, but he was able to convey with crystal clarity the path I was to follow. Through his methodical approach to the tarot along with his ability to not only decipher, but easily convey the message revealed, Mat gave me the confidence to move forward, embracing the work in not one but two areas of my life. Thank you Mat!”

Aurora R.“I have to say I went in a little skeptical of how things would turn out since there was no face-to-face interaction. But Mat blew my expectations right out of the water. He was able to hone in on things that I usually keep buried under the surface, and was non-judgmental in regards to certain aspects of the reading. I especially appreciate the time he took to describe the meaning behind the cards. He really has an incredible gift – if you’re looking for a reader that can quickly drill down to the root of the problem and offer solid advice, Mat’s your man.”

Beth B.“My tarot reading with you was very insightful. Your intuition and understanding of the cards picked up on so many aspects relating to my inquiry that I was genuinely moved. You explained everything in such a relatable manner and were able to tie all the cards together in such a cohesive way that I’ve never had any other reader do before. The reading was full of confirmations, validations, and reminders that sometimes we just cannot see for ourself. And I LOVE that you had suggested reflections interspersed throughout the reading to aid me in moving forward along my journey! You are gifted. Thank you so much!”

Chandra S.“I’ve done several readings with Mat over the years. I have seen his intuition deepen and his skills with the cards expand exponentially with each session. My latest reading was keenly insightful, comfortable, and revealing; leaving me with a great deal of fresh perspective on the path I have chosen and a number of things to think about. In short, it was completely normal for Mat – I expect nothing less.”

Chester S.“As a psychic and medium, part of the reality as such is that it’s very difficult to read for oneself. Therefore, it’s necessary to find a competent, trustful psychic, when you need one, which I have found in Mat Auryn. His reading touched upon areas of my life that he would have no way of knowing about. In his sharing of his impressions and intuition, he was concise, accurate and explained the entire process in such a way that I felt as if I were there in person. Though times there were difficult bits of information that he had to convey, he did so in a very warm way and I never felt uncomfortable with what he shared.”

Christopher C.“I had been hearing about Mat’s tarot readings from several friends and received some amazing feedback. I decided to get a reading from him. I like to think I have intuition about tarot readers, dealing with many at our shops, I would never ask someone to read for me or for my shops in the first place if I didn’t think it was going to be quality. I have tons of people that try to read for us and I can usually tell right away which readings will be good. The reading was fantastic and really well delivered; he hit on so many points and gave me a lot to think about. It was very unique. I’ve never had a reading like that, the way he put everything together and delivered it the way he did says volumes about his talent, connection to Spirit and psychic ability. I immediately offered him a job reading at our shops where has satisfied many querents, including having them rush to the counter to buy more time with him.”

Christopher L.“I already had high expectations going in, but they were surpassed – Mat is an excellent reader, and I’d recommend him to anyone. He gives clear interpretations with useful insights and sound advice. He doesn’t go out on a limb, and he doesn’t leave you with a vague impression. The balance is masterful. he relayed everything in the reading with warmth, passion, confidence, tact, and empathy. Truly a gifted reader, and someone I’d return to in a heartbeat. Thanks Mat!”

Chris M.“I have had really great readings with Mat in the past and the recording really helps you to go back and reflect on the message and how accurate it was!”

Christopher Penczak

“Mat’s reading was on point, insightful, and intuitive. He blends a wonderful sense of humor, knowledge, and professionalism, which gives a refreshing and comfortable feel to the session. As an intuitive myself, I was very impressed with Mat’s gifts and almost fell off my chair during part of the reading, as he told me things no one else knew. I would highly recommend Mat’s tarot readings to anyone.”

Dan L.

The tarot reading I received from Mat was professional, accurate and delivered in a caring and sincere manner. He explained the meanings of the cards in regards to my situation and helped me expand my awareness of what was coming up on practical, emotional and spiritual levels. I left with the validation I needed to boldly move forward with new focus. Thank you for the guidance, wisdom and clarity you whole-heartedly shared.”

Danielle Dionne

“My tarot reading with you was very insightful. Your intuition and understanding of the cards picked up on so many aspects relating to my inquiry that I was genuinely moved. You explained everything in such a relatable manner and were able to tie all the cards together in such a cohesive way that I’ve never had any other reader do before. The reading was full of confirmations, validations, and reminders that sometimes we just cannot see for ourself. And I LOVE that you had suggested reflections interspersed throughout the reading to aid me in moving forward along my journey! You are gifted. Thank you so much!”

Chandra S.

Jaw-droppingly amazing! Mat has a phenomenal ability to interpret and relate the cards in very accessible terms and images. He speaks from the heart and a has a clear connection to Spirit. One of the clearest and best readings I have EVER had.

David E.“As a reader myself, I don’t let many people read for me. Mat’s excellent reading has made me reconsider that policy. I found my reading to be both personally connective, real, and delivered with compassion.

David Salisbury“Mat is a fantastic intuitive card reader. Speaking as a tarot reader myself, it was wonderful hearing Mat’s insights as the reading unfolded. He gave me great advice, established an accurate view of my current and past positions, and all of it with nuance and complexity. I feel more prepared to head into the adventure about which he read for me, now that I have his advice and insight in my toolbox. Bonus: it’s super fun listening to his recording. It’s like sitting with him and chatting over a nice mug of tea – friendly, comfortable, and personal.

Desmond J.“Can I just begin by saying thank you to Mat? It was so therapeutic and comforting to hear my reading come from someone such as him. So 100% spot on. Yes, Yes, Yes! He definitely read my energy correctly. I’d recommend Mat! He does not disappoint. He gave me such a feeling of peace and it really spoke to me and what I’m currently going through. No one could have provided this reading for me like Mat did. I will definitely be back.”

Destiny S.“I asked Mat to do a general reading for me so that I could see how the pieces of my life were moving into place. From the moment I hit play to the very end I was delighted by his innovative approach and gentle tone. Even though he did the reading without me being present I felt like we were in the same room the whole time. I really appreciated his demeanor and professionalism throughout the reading, which allowed me to truly focus on the messages being conveyed. In the week since this reading things he mentioned have already started to manifest. I can honestly say that I highly recommend Mat Auryn as a tarot and intuitive advisor.”

Devin Hunter“Thank you Mat! The reading was an incredible combination of things – it held very strong confirmation of my own intuition, my present situation and chosen direction while also adding new energetic perspective and insight. All in all, I found it to be a wonderfully cohesive, naturally flowing reading that tied things together for me wonderfully!”

Elizabeth C.“I am very pleased with my reading from Mat. The reading was very informative and contained many layers that I feel will come to light as time passes. Also it answered some immediate questions that I had pertaining to a certain issue. Sometimes I feel that we are too intertwined in circumstances to see the bigger picture, and Mat’s reading just laid it all out for me and pointed to some aspects of this particular situation that I was unable to see at the time. I am very grateful and will definitely attain another reading at some point in the future. Best investment I’ve made in a while! Thank you Mat!”

Elizabeth D.

“As someone who prefers to do my own readings, Mat was a breath of fresh air. He offered insight and compassion into areas of my life that I was leaving unexplored. Thoroughly gentle and understanding, he explained each card and ensured throughout the reading that I understood everything. I left his reading with a better outlook on my life and what steps I need to take to make it better. I would highly recommend any of my loved ones to get a reading from him.”

Emily P.

“I specifically sought Mat as a brother witch with similar Craft training, and fellow psychic. I’ve known many friends who have consulted him for readings with high praise for his friendly style and professional touch. Having received my reading, I now understand why. I went in without expectations though I did have hopes for the message. His interpretation and delivery exceeded anything I’d imagined. His psychic insights about my life and elements of my question were spot on. He sensed things we’ve never discussed and his impressions triggered memories I could immediately correlate. Further, his highly empathic nature was so touching I felt as though I were sitting with an old friend catching up over tea. The reading left me feeling validated and inspired me to shape my work to help bring about manifestation. I will return to him without hesitation.”

Fred I.

“Mat did an amazing reading for me. We have met once, only briefly, and when I asked for the reading I didn’t tell him anything about myself except for what I wanted to know. He picked up immediately that I am a witch and High Priestess, and gave me a reading that completely answered my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him absolutely and without reservations. Please feel free to treat yourself to an insightful and intuitive journey.

Helen O.

“I had an excellent tarot reading from Mat Auryn. It was some time ago, but I am certain that his skills have even grown stronger and deeper since that time. He is a highly gifted reader, seer and source of spiritual wisdom. His readings and other services that he provides are highly recommended.”

Irma K. Sawyer

“Being a reader, I rarely let others read for me but I felt drawn to Mat and for good reason. His soft-spoken tone and empathetic insights put me at ease. It felt as if we were sitting together; old friends talking over life’s problems. His reading for me was personal, full of information, and above all, truthful and honest.

Jason W.

“Thank you so much for the reading!! I wanted to tell you how amazing and how relevant the reading was. It made so many things going on make sense and lays out exactly what I need to do. I have been getting very unclear and mixed messages about things and this reading was like removing that film to make everything clear. Thank you so much Mat!!!”

Joshua S.“Mat is a fantastic psychic advisor! My reading was very in depth and deep as Mat goes way below the surface. His insight into my situation was very accurate. He predicted my situation accurately and much of what he said has already happened since the reading! I am a psychic advisor myself and very selective about who I read with. He is by far one of the best tarot readers I have encountered!”

Julie R.“Mat, I cannot possibly thank you enough. Your reading was profound and exactly what I needed. You could not have more accurately communicated exactly where my spirit has been over the last few weeks. You spoke to each card with surety and openness in perfect balance. Each card’s message was shared with gentleness and understanding. You showed sublime care and love in communicating even the most challenging aspects of the reading. You spoke beauty and wisdom to my Mind, Heart, and Spirit in equal measure. Your Work is a Blessing.”

JT M.“Mat Auryn’s reading was incredibly validating of my life’s current events, and it has helped me to fine tune my focus for what is to come. His reading style is highly intuitive, and his interpretation of the cards is both unique and insightful. He is gifted with the ability to feel the energy behind a situation and offer a higher perspective. He doesn’t simply lay out the cards and tell you their meaning, he dives in deep, and shares how the cards are connected and how they influence each other, while he also tunes into your own energy to connect all the dots. I highly recommend his services if you are looking for validation and deep insight. He is one of a kind.”

Karen S.“My reading with Mat felt like I had poured my heart out to a close friend and he was speaking to all my concerns, even though I hadn’t told him the whole situation. Mat was spot on and has really helped me solidify the direction I need to focus on. It was a really wonderful experience and Mat is truly a fantastic reader!”

Kay B.

“This was my first reading with Mat and I will have him read for me again. He has a gentle and compassionate delivery. The reading was very validating and clarifying. Thank you, Mat!”

Kelly S.“Chil’ let me tell y’all – call him, write him, message him! Mat’s reading was dead to the bed accurate. I won’t spill all my tea but he is worth it and then some, yes gawd, hunty!”

Leo B.“I’ve never had a professional reading before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when Mat began reading for me. I was immediately at ease with his calm demeanor and voice. Very easy to relate to and understand. Secondly, he, right off the bat began hitting on very specific points that were definitive proof that he was the real deal. Names, timeframes, and identifying factors were spot on. As hard as I can imagine it is to decipher messages, he articulated everything so I was able to fully understand what was being presented. I was very pleased with my reading. So much so that at times I was crying. Not tears of sadness, but pure joy at the connection I had to this reading. I would highly recommend this professional, respectful reader to any and everyone! Thank you Mat!”

Michelle R.“It is a very rare occurrence for me to hire someone to do a reading, ever, and so the fact that I received a reading from Mat speaks not only to the level of trust I have in his integrity and gifts, but also to this psychic precision and intuitive depth. He is a rare gem, a jewel of intuitive perceptivity, and highly astute in his esoteric knowledge. My reading with him was absolutely spot on in every way. Stunningly accurate and hugely supportive, Mat conveys everything with gentility, love, and caring. I highly recommend him!”

Oceana Leblanc“I really loved my in-person psychic reading with Mat. He was spot on and didn’t miss a beat. Being that my husband is a seasoned psychic medium-trance channel, I have a lot of experience with clairvoyance. Mat totally delivered and I was very impressed with his beautiful energy and loving delivery as well. Mat is very sensitive and read me very well, he is a rising star for sure. I encourage anyone to give him a try.”

Oriah M.“Mat is a truly gifted reader. When I asked about a particular situation, he told me to expect an offer within only a few days – and sure enough, I did receive that offer the next day!!! Mat is very intuitive and connected to Spirit and was able to accurately pick up on things that have helped to give me guidance on my path. He has a wonderful personality, and gives readings in a kind and caring manner. I highly recommend having a reading with Mat!”

Renee D.“Dearest Mat, Thank you so much for such a clear, concise and positive reading! You have put into words instruction that anyone, magickal practitioner or not, can use to make positive change in their life and achieve the goals they have set out. Thank you! The messages you shared also apply to a parallel situation and are taken to heart for the most auspicious outcome. Thank you again for your time, consideration and immeasurable talent! I look forward to your guest appearances at The Robin’s Nest and working more with you!”

Robbi P.“Dude, your personality is so approachable and charming. Your reading was incredibly insightful and on point, and delivered with total clarity and understanding. You’re a very empathic reader, I really appreciated how personal the whole thing felt and how grounded your advice was. You bring much more than “just a reading” to the table, you also gently empower and encourage your clients. It felt very recharging and acutely personal. It made me wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea with you.”

Rowan R.“My instant impression of Mat was filled with kind vibes, and a genuine sense of care and compassion. I received from him many wise insights into the energy of my life at the moment. Each one would intuitively resonate with something I felt deep within as his words became visions of my own inner world. A sense of peace in his voice from his confidence and gentle tone was very comforting too! Two weeks later after the reading, much of what he said resonated with some of the things I am going through at the moment now. I listen to it from time to time to remind myself of the inner work I must continue to do! I look forward to seeing him assist the personal paths and souls of many people!”

Samuel J

It was a perfect reading! A briefing of everything I’m experiencing was included and I couldn’t ask for more. It opened my eyes to what I knew intuitively, but had trouble recognizing and seeing with clarity. It tapped into my consciousness and gave guidance that was unrealized. It eased some of my anxiety and was very helpful. I plan on referring back to it as time passes. Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Sara R.“I would definitely recommend Mat as a reader. The information was specific enough to apply to my life 100 percent. I enjoyed his tone, his professionalism and how I left feeling like I had a reading that gave me something concrete to work with. I am actually very picky with readers, but would use his service again and send friends his way.”

Stephanie S.“The reading that I received from Mat Auryn was surprisingly on target. He was able to pin-point several key areas in my life and situation of which I had not been previously aware. With a friendly tone and a casual demeanor, he was able to provide deep insights as well as to make accurate assessments of past struggles that played a key role in my current situation. When challenges presented themselves he was able to masterfully address them and provide ways for turning them around into a positive outcome. Without knowing me personally, he was able to identify certain personality traits as well as outside events that each have affected me, and was able to offer methods for maximizing positive results. I would highly recommend him.”

Storm FaerywolfMat provided clear insights concerning future decisions that I must make and showed an understanding of my character. With his reading I feel I can properly address what is to come and I appreciated his supported tone with his honest reading. I recommend him as a reader most certainly.”

Terrance G.Mat’s reading is unique, poignant, and balanced. I’m always interested in introspection and reflection, and he certainly delivers. Thank you for the reflection, Mat.”

Thorvaldur R“Your reading was phenomenal. Generally I’m skeptical to take spiritual advice from just anyone, but I decided to take a chance with you. What a payoff. I’ve had readings before, and the one you provided put the rest to shame. Your reading clearly identified each level of my current spiritual progression, and addressed all of my questions therein. Moreover, you were able to point me in the right direction which has been profoundly helpful. I will be meditating on your words for months to come. The thing that sets you apart from my other readings is that previously I had to make some “reaches” to try and understand what was being said to make it fit. Your reading was clear and to the point, almost like a news article written by my own spiritual guides. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your help. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for help, I know that I’ll be back fro another round here soon. Thanks again.”

Will L.