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“I asked Mat to do a general reading for me so that I could see how the pieces of my life were moving into place. From the moment I hit play to the very end I was delighted by his innovative approach and gentle tone. Even though he did the reading without me being present I felt like we were in the same room the whole time. I really appreciated his demeanor and professionalism throughout the reading, which allowed me to truly focus on the messages being conveyed. In the week since this reading things he mentioned have already started to manifest. I can honestly say that I highly recommend Mat Auryn as a tarot and intuitive advisor.”

Devin Hunter
Author, Teacher, Professional Psychic Medium, Sorcerer & High Priest Witch 

“It is a very rare occurrence for me to hire someone to do a reading, ever, and so the fact that I received a reading from Mat speaks not only to the level of trust I have in his integrity and gifts, but also to this psychic precision and intuitive depth. He is a rare gem, a jewel of intuitive perceptivity, and highly astute in his esoteric knowledge. My reading with him was absolutely spot on in every way. Stunningly accurate and hugely supportive, Mat conveys everything with gentility, love, and caring. I highly recommend him!”

Oceana LeBlanc
Tantric Yogini, Shamaness, Metaphysical Teacher & Minister

“The reading that I recieved from Mat Auryn was surprisingly on target. He was able to pin-point several key areas in my life and situation of which I had not been previously aware. With a friendly tone and a casual demeanor, he was able to provide deep insights as well as to make accurate assessments of past struggles that played a key role in my current situation. When challenges presented themselves he was able to masterfully address them and provide ways for turning them around into a positive outcome. Without knowing me personally, he was able to identify certain personality traits as well as outside events that each have affected me, and was able to offer methods for maximizing positive results. I would highly recommend him.”

Storm Faerywolf
Author, Teacher, Warlock & Feri High Priest

“I really loved my in-person psychic reading with Mat. He was spot on and didn’t miss a beat. Being that my husband is a seasoned psychic medium-trance channel, I have a lot of experience with clairvoyance. Mat totally delivered and I was very impressed with his beautiful energy and loving delivery as well. Mat is very sensitive and read me very well, he is a rising star for sure. I encourage anyone to give him a try.”

Oriah Mirza
Author, Speaker & Intuitive Life Coach



“As a reader myself, I don’t let many people read for me. Mat’s excellent reading has made me reconsider that policy. I found my reading to be both personally connective, real, and delivered with compassion.”

David Salisbury
Author, Teacher & High Priest Witch

“Dearest Mat, Thank you so much for such a clear, concise and positive reading! You have put into words instruction that anyone, magickal practitioner or not, can use to make positive change in their life and achieve the goals they have set out. Thank you! The messages you shared also apply to a parallel situation and are taken to heart for the most auspicious outcome. Thank you again for your time, consideration and immeasurable talent! I look forward to your guest appearances at The Robin’s Nest and working more with you!”

Robbi Packard
High Priestess Witch and Owner of The Robin’s Nest Metaphysical Store & Community

“I had been hearing about Mat’s tarot readings from several friends and received some amazing feedback. I decided to get a reading from him. I like to think I have intuition about tarot readers, dealing with many at our shops, I would never ask someone to read for me or for my shops in the first place if I didn’t think it was going to be quality. I have tons of people that try to read for us and I can usually tell right away which readings will be good. The reading was fantastic and really well delivered; he hit on so many points and gave me a lot to think about. It was very unique. I’ve never had a reading like that, the way he put everything together and delivered it the way he did says volumes about his talent, connection to Spirit and psychic ability. I immediately offered him a job reading at our shops where has satisfied many querents, including having them rush to the counter to buy more time with him.”

Chris LeVausser
Cabot High Priest Witch, Owner of Enchanted and the Official Witch Shoppe

“The tarot reading I received from Mat was professional, accurate and delivered in a caring and sincere manner. He explained the meanings of the cards in regards to my situation and helped me expand my awareness of what was coming up on practical, emotional and spiritual levels. I left with the validation I needed to boldly move forward with new focus. Thank you for the guidance, wisdom and clarity you whole-heartedly shared.”

Danielle Dionne
Professional Psychic Medium & Owner of Moth & Moon Studio

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