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Devotional to the Witch-Father

I call to Dianus of the ancient forest deep
Draped in the richness of moss and leaf
Whose antlers are the branches of the World Tree
And holds the torc as Nature’s Chief

By fur and fins, scales and feathers
By ash and holly, thorn and oak
By land and sky, sea and nether
Stag Crowned One do I evoke

O’ Lord of Green hear my prayer
Given in perfect love and trust
By Fire and Water, Earth and Air
Keep me humble and keep me just

O’ Lord of Shadow receive my gift
Guide and guard me throughout my days
Heal and hold me when I float adrift
While you whisper the age-old ways

O’ Lord of Light feel my earnest heart
Fill it with Power, Love and Wisdom
As I walk the path of the White Hart
And honor the turning seasonal rhythms

Shed in me what needs to be undone
Align my Will with Divinity
For the highest good; harming none
As I will it, so mote it be
Thank You

© 2014 Mat Auryn & The Astrarium