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Synchronicity & The Psychic Witch

Even the most skeptical people have had psychic experiences whether they recognize it as coincidence or embrace that it was… Read More

Ethics of the Psychic Witch

Psychic ability does however come with a large responsibility, as does magick. As such, it is important to meditate on… Read More

Born This Wyrd

I strongly believe that witchcraft is an orientation and I often compare it to being homosexual. Being both a gay… Read More

Review: Protection and Reversal Magick

There’s a lot of magickal self-defense books out there. Some are better than others but this book is my hands-down… Read More

Holding Spaces of Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

As a child growing up in the 90s, one of my first encounters with anything remotely “realistic” in terms of… Read More

The Witch’s Response

The witch is sovereign, meaning that they are in mindful control of their mind, their heart, their will, their words… Read More

Witchsplaining & How To Avoid It

The term “witchsplaining” is derived from other terms such as “mansplaining” and “whitesplaining”. While some may not like this term… Read More

Review: Communing with the Ancestors

One of the most beautiful things about Raven Grimassi as a teacher and an author is the depth that he… Read More

Review: The Seven Archetypal Stones

Nicholas Pearson has definitely caught my attention with his latest book The Seven Archetypal Stones: Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings… Read More

Review: The Witch’s Book of Power

With this book, Devin Hunter makes his mark as one of the leading voices of Witchcraft for a new generation… Read More