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Confronting The Collective Shadow

The concept of the Shadow refers to the aspects of ourselves we don’t want to look at, address, confront, accept… Read More

Review: The Magick of Food

Gwion Raven's The Magick of Food: Rituals, Offerings & Why We Eat Together is absolutely delicious. Gwion explores the history of the… Read More

The Magick & Psychism in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. I was hoping it would… Read More

I Watched The Craft, I’m A Witch Now.

Something I hear regularly are witches mocking the 90’s cult classic The Craft, or more specifically mocking those who watched the Craft… Read More

Review: The Robin Wood Tarot

The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood is a deck that is very close to my heart for sentimental reasons. It… Read More

The Best Books On Rider-Waite-Smith Based Tarot Decks

The book recommendation requests I get the most are on the topic of Tarot. I own way too many books… Read More

The Aradia Problem

Aradia, or The Gospel of the Witches is hands down one of the most influential books in modern witchcraft, with elements… Read More

The Modern Keys To Hekate

Dr. Cyndi Brannen, PhD is a witch and psychologist dedicated to Hekate, her two sons and living the coastal life… Read More

My Favorite Queer Witchcraft Books

Happy Pride Month everyone! People are always asking me what are my recommendations for books on gay or queer witchcraft… Read More

Talking With Silver Ravenwolf 25 Years Later

Silver Ravenwolf is a woman who really doesn’t need any introduction in our community, as she is nationally and internationally recognized as… Read More