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Journey to the Dark Goddess

Jane Meredith takes the reader down to the Underworld to confront and heal one’s inner darkness in Journey to the Dark… Read More

Magical Destinations of the NorthEast

While the American South may be known for it’s folk magick, New England is known for a different type of… Read More

The Three Rays of Witchcraft

Christopher Penczak’s The Three Rays of Witchcraft: Power, Love and Wisdom in the Garden of the Gods is the perfect example of… Read More

Mastering Witchcraft

Back in the seventies the aspiring witch didn’t have much options to choose from in regards to diverse books… Read More

Ecstatic Witchcraft

Gede Parma sees witchcraft as an inherently shamanic and ecstatic practice, which I strongly resonate with… Read More

Tarot Triumphs

While there are many books written on the tarot, very few dive into the Marseilles tarot deck originates from Renaissance Italy and… Read More

The Witch’s Book of Spirits

The relationship between spirits and the witch is perhaps the oldest covenant in history… Read More

Solitary Witch

Silver Ravenwolf was the very first author on the subject of witchcraft that I ever read as a child… Read More

Masks Of Misrule

Despite this book’s ridiculously cheesy and outdated cover, which is odd since the author is such a talented artist, Nigel… Read More

The Witch’s Eight Paths Of Power

In his Book of Shadows Gerald Gardner spoke of the Eightfold Way – eight pathways to altered states of perception… Read More