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The Witch’s Cauldron

Aside from a broom and a pointed hat, the most common icon associated with witchcraft universally is the cauldron. While there’s… Read More

The Blessing Cord

Adam Sartwell’s newest book The Blessing Cord is pretty genius and creative. Coming in at a little under 200 pages… Read More

Protection and Reversal Magick

There’s a lot of magickal self-defense books out there. Some are better than others but this book is my hands-down… Read More

The Witching Herbs

Harold Roth of Alchemy Works is pretty well known amongst serious magickal practitioners as THE expert when it comes to plants… Read More

The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

Julia Lawless’ The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Aromatic Oils In Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health… Read More

The Goddess in America

This is a greatly needed book on the relationship between the Goddess and America and a fascinating read. The Goddess… Read More

Tarot For One

As a professional tarot reader I’m constantly reading books on the tarot and trying to expand and master my craft… Read More

Sacred Medicine Cupboard

When I first got this book I was blown away by how aesthetically beautiful it was. Every page is full… Read More

Hekate: A Devotional

Vivienne Moss’ Hekate: A Devotional is part grimoire, part poetry, part devotional and part spiritual diary. There are many published… Read More

The Witch’s Book of Shadows

Jason Mankey is an amazing researcher and writer - always easy to follow, informative and entertaining. His latest book, The… Read More