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In Nomine Hekate

Recently I was asked by a close friend of mine to help come up with a daily devotional to Hekate… Read More

The Eucharist of Mandragora

Alraun Spirit Blood Brother Verdant Familiar Blasphemous Teacher Blessed Trickster Drink of me As I drink of you Decompose me… Read More

To The Torch-Bearing Titans

We call upon the light-bearing Titaness of the Crossroads Hekate! Unconquerable One! You who have far-shooting power You who hold… Read More

The Nature of Nature

I communed with the Spirit of a Leaf She was an autonomous entity; An individual constituent With a different perspective… Read More

Hymn to Aradia

Offspring of the light Daughter of the shadows Mistress of the profane Revealer of the hallow Spirit of the stars… Read More

Devotional to the Witch-Father

I call to Dianus of the ancient forest deep Draped in the richness of moss and leaf Whose antlers are… Read More