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Fehu Runic Tarot Spread (Patreon Exclusive)

Since he mentioned Fehu as an example, Lonnie Scott has provided a special tarot spread and his method of working… Read More

Working With Wax Figurines For Healing & Blessing (Patreon Exclusive)

Working with poppets, dolls, and figurines is a really old form of magick. While the general public usually associates these… Read More

Datura Plant Spirit Guided Journey – Audio (Patreon Exclusive)

In this guided audio, Christopher Penczak calls to the spirit of Datura and leads a guided meditation to journey into… Read More

Communicating With Spirits Through Tarot Video (Patreon Exclusive)

In this video I show you the basics of using the tarot to open up communication with a spirit. I… Read More

Jezebel’s Money Bath (Patreon Exclusive)

Here is my newest favorite money bath recipe and ritual. This formula is one that I divined with the help… Read More

The God in the Mirror: A Spell to Know One’s Divinity (Patreon Exclusive)

Storm Faerywolf shares a simple but powerful rite to assist you in seeing yourself as the divine being you truly… Read More

Kleis Chthonia: The Key To The Under World Meditation (Patreon Exclusive)

Cyndi Brannen shares a brief ritual for activating our internal keys. It’s a brand new and exclusive ritual that she’s… Read More

Feeling The Future (Patreon Exclusive)

Michael M. Hughes shares his technique which he calls “Feeling The Future” which derives from the New Thought and Positive… Read More

Jewel Case Energy Exercise (Patreon Exclusive)

Byron Ballard shares her Jewel Case technique, which is her quick simple method to ground, center, shield, regroup, strategize, and emerge… Read More

A Helios-Hekate Spell for Success (Patreon Exclusive)

Jason Miller shares a spell for any solar related desire such as fame, wealth, power, inspiration, clarity, success. The spell… Read More