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Witch Aesthetics, Competitive Witchcraft, and Spiritual Materialism

Inside the April 2019 Vol #47 issue of Witch Way Magazine, there’s an interview that Michael Herkes conducted with me. In the interview… Read More

The Power of Cursing Yourself

My article Lightworkers & The New Age Witch got varying responses, both positive and negative. This was sort of expected. One reoccurring… Read More

Lightworkers & The New Age Witch

A lightworker is a modern term that sprung up in the New Age community. One of the best definitions for… Read More

In Memoriam: Raven Grimassi

With great sadness I must announce that Raven Grimassi passed peacefully from this world on March 10th, 2019, and began… Read More

Discovering The Power Of Your Home Frequency

In the tradition of witchcraft I am initiated into, The Sacred Fires Tradition, one of the first things we learn is… Read More

What Is Black Rose Witchcraft?

The Black Rose School of Witchcraft is a unique learning experience for modern practitioners of the craft who wish to… Read More

What Marie Kondo Can Teach Witches About The Shadow

Marie Kondo is someone whom I absolutely adore. She’s a former Shinto priestess and her Netflix show is amazing, particularly… Read More

How I Work With The Gods & Might Possibly Worship Them Too

At a recent workshop I was discussing the self as god and was asked, “isn’t that what Satanists believe?” Totally… Read More

The Craft, The Devil, Familiar Spirits, and Validation

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Christopher Orapello and Tara Love-Maguire on their podcast Down At The Crossroads… Read More

Astral Projection, Witchcraft, Spirits, and Psychic Abilities

I was recently interviewed on Weird Web Radio by Lonnie Scott. I had a lot of fun despite feeling a bit… Read More