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A Rebuttal to Doreen Virtue’s Attack On Unicorns

In the past, I wrote a piece about how Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and renouncement of her New Age teachings was something… Read More

The Mysterious Goblins of Appalachia

Last night my buddy Lonnie Scott of Weird Web Radio posted a link that caught my attention. He posted a link to… Read More

Best Books On Plant Magick

There is such a massive sea of books on plant magick and herbalism out there these days. Unfortunately most of… Read More

Happy!: Grant Morrison, Tulpas, and Bronies

A night of looking for something to watch on Netflix took me down some weird rabbit holes on the internet… Read More

Exploring Your Shadow With The Tarot

This post is inspired by Paige at The Fat Feminist Witch. Her podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. I… Read More

The True Story Of The Witch Who Solved A Murder

The year is 1991 and two people from Salem are reported missing, a local artist named Martha Brailsford and her… Read More

Eleven Books To Enhance Your Spell-Casting

As a public witch one of the topics I’m asked about the most is spells – whether it’s requests for… Read More

The Mysticism, Spirituality & Occultism of The Dark Crystal

One of the areas of fandom that I geek out on is the Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. As a… Read More

Setting the Tone with Janus

Do you have a New Years resolution? A lot of people give up on making New Years resolutions. Part of… Read More

Favorite Witchy Books of 2018

I read a lot of books on the topics of magick, paganism, occultism, witchcraft, and spirituality. Out of all the… Read More