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The Best Astral Projection Books

The first workshop I ever taught was on the subject of astral projection. I get asked regularly which books are… Read More

I Watched The Craft, I’m A Witch Now.

Something I hear regularly are witches mocking the 90’s cult classic The Craft, or more specifically mocking those who watched the Craft… Read More

Psychic Abilities, Prophetic Dreams, and Multiple Timelines

A few months ago I was asked to be on That Witch Life, the new podcast by Kanani Soleil, Courtney… Read More

Calling Yourself A Witch Is “Identity Politics”

I’m so tired of folks whining about witchcraft getting too political or complaining about mixing “identity politics” into witchcraft. Newsflash… Read More

Our Problematic Occult Ancestors

Something I often think about and struggle with is the fact that almost all of our occult ancestors that contributed… Read More

Witchcraft in Media, Activism, and the Internet

Is the portrayal of witchcraft in media helpful or harmful to witches? Is witchcraft political, and if so does one… Read More

Widdershins, Psychic Witch, and Trusting Your Abilities

I was recently invited to appear on Michael Correll's podcast, Widdershins Radio. It's my longest interview to date coming in at… Read More

Psychic Amnesia

Sometimes during psychic tarot readings clients get what I refer to as “psychic amnesia.” For some reason while getting a reading they… Read More

Queerness, Spirits, and the Psychic Witch

Recently I had the pleasure to be invited on Gianmichael Salvato’s LGBT Pagan talkshow The Brew to discuss my views on the intersectionality… Read More

You Cannot Be Taught To Be A Witch

You can be taught witchcraft, but you cannot be taught to be a witch. This may seem like an odd… Read More