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Meditation: the Secret Key to Magickal Power

Meditation may not be the first thing people think of when they think about witchcraft, spells, or magickal powers. However, when people… Read More

Magick for All: Witchery from Nothing

As children, when we think of those with magickal power we tend to think that magick is something that is done on… Read More

Do All Dreams Have Meaning?

I recently was re-invited to appear on Weird Web Radio for a discussion and to promote my book Psychic Witch. It’s always an… Read More

Christians Are Protesting My First Keynote

A few days ago I discovered that a flyer was being passed around by an unidentified Christian Group at a… Read More

Harm None, But Take No Sh*t

Being pro-curse is trendy these days, to the point where it should probably concern any serious magickal practitioner. I think… Read More

Christian Group Warns Of New Disney Cartoon’s Witchcraft

First there was the panic over Harry Potter. Now The Christian Broadcasting Network is warning about a new Disney cartoon called… Read More

The Difference Between Charms, Amulets & Talismans

I was recently asked if there was a difference between charms, amulets, and talismans. I suppose the answer will vary… Read More

25 Most Anticipated Witch Books of Early 2020

I truly believe that we are in a renaissance in regards to occult writing, particularly witchcraft, and this year is… Read More

The New Book That 36 Witch Elders & Authors Have Praised

I was amazed at how highly so many witchcraft elders, authors, and teachers of all generations and various traditions responded… Read More

Let It Go: Multidimensional Magick

Recently, I appeared on Desperate House Witches to promote Psychic Witch, and it was probably the funniest interview that I’ve ever done. Raina… Read More