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Your Ego Is Holy

In Witchcraft, the soul is viewed as three parts of the self. The Middle Self is the part of you that… Read More

The Witch’s Three Souls

Unlike our current dominant mainstream religious ideology, in witchcraft, the soul is most often seen and worked with as plural… Read More

Embracing Christian Spirits As A Witch

Why would I embrace deities and spirits foreign to me and reject those that my own ancestors worked with or… Read More

Witchcraft Is The Spirit Of Otherness

Witchcraft seems to be something that emerges organically within every spiritual and religious culture. It is not something you can… Read More

Witchcraft Is About Seeking Power

Do not be fooled, Witchcraft is about power. In fact, that seems to be one of the commonly agreed aspects… Read More

Deepen Your Practice & Deepen Your Magick

There is an old Craft saying that “the blood recognizes the blood in another“. While some would see this as… Read More

Hydration To Boost Magick & Psychic Work

One of the things that I’m always surprised is never emphasized enough when beginning psychic development work or magickal studies… Read More

Remember, Death Will Always Win

The only thing that is guaranteed is that we will all die someday. What we are not guaranteed is when… Read More

Interviewing Your Tarot Deck

There are so many tarot decks out there and each one has its own unique voice and energy. So you’ve chosen a tarot… Read More

Asking Your Psychic Better Questions

In my article on How To Receive A Better Psychic Reading, I wrote: “Most readings are timed. There’s been so many… Read More