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Empowering Pagan Prayer

Prayer is one of the most overlooked and underrated practices. Since my article on Witchcraft & Prayer, I have had many… Read More

Astral Parasites

Astral parasites are exactly what they sound like – energetic entities that are parasitic in nature. They aren’t necessarily malevolent… Read More

Misconceptions About Shadow Work

In the writings of Carl Jung, the Shadow is not purely positive or negative. While it contains a lot of… Read More

I’m Not Your Marionettist

In a recent article that I wrote on The Wild Hunt about studying magick online, I explored the legitimacy of learning… Read More

Preparing Candles For Magick

There is no universal right or wrong way to work with candles and I strongly encourage experimenting to find out… Read More

How Legit is Studying Magick Online?

As someone who has studied with various traditions and taken many courses on magick over the years both in person… Read More

Protecting Your Power

Being a human is difficult. There will be countless times when people try stripping you of your personal power. As… Read More

Your Ego Is Holy

In Witchcraft, the soul is viewed as three parts of the self. The Middle Self is the part of you that… Read More

The Witch’s Three Souls

Unlike our current dominant mainstream religious ideology, in witchcraft, the soul is most often seen and worked with as plural… Read More

Embracing Christian Spirits As A Witch

Why would I embrace deities and spirits foreign to me and reject those that my own ancestors worked with or… Read More