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Your Inner Feral Magickal Child

I have written about previously how Witchcraft takes work, how we shouldn’t have blind faith, and how our Craft should push and challenge us… Read More

The Difference Between Intuition & Psychic Ability

The terms psychic ability and intuition are often used interchangeably and I have been guilty of doing so in the… Read More

The Christian Church’s Influence on the Tarot Trumps

Tarot has gone through many reinventions through time. The divination system has many origin myths, debated history, and speculation. What… Read More

Unlocking Dreams With Active Imagination

Remembering dreams can be difficult enough for some. Even when we remember them, they don’t always seem to make any… Read More

Thirteen Practices of Magickal Protection

One of my favorite Christopher Penczak quotes is from his fantastic book, The Witch’s Shield. In it, he writes, “The… Read More

Divination As Devotion

The word divination comes from the word divinare, which roughly means “to foresee through inspiration of a god.” In my… Read More

The Wizard OZ

There are few quality documentaries that capture the lives of our Neo-Pagan and Witchcraft elders, aside from Gerald Gardner and… Read More

Things That Ruin Occult Podcasts

There are many great podcasts out there. Some I’ve had the honor of being on myself. Tempest has written some… Read More

Missing The Forest For The Trees

Often I notice within paganism and occultism a trend of seeing the forest for the trees. To not be able to “see… Read More

The Underworld Beer Bath

One of my favorite cleansing baths is the beer bath. While I’m not positive where this practice originated, Raven Kaldera writes that it’s… Read More