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The Craft: Legacy Trailer Is Finally Here!

Anyone who knows me, knows that The Craft is my favorite movie. As a child in 1996, it's how I… Read More

Pros & Cons of Honoring Our Unpleasant Dead

As much as we may not want to, our biological ancestors make up who we are in the most literal… Read More

The 20 Best Books On The Dead For The Modern Witch

I get asked about the dead, ancestors, hauntings, and mediumship a lot, especially during autumn. I decided that I wanted… Read More

Clarification on Preliminary Focus (Video)

Recently Temperance Alden asked me to make a video reading and discussing an exercise in my book. So, I decided… Read More

The Mind Unleashed (Video)

My streaming presentation at Phenomenacon 2020. Organized and hosted by Greg & Dana Newkirk of The Traveling Museum of the… Read More

The Greatest Offering To A Deity

For those who work with deities; in my opinion and experience food, libations, candles, and incense smoke are not the… Read More

Why Queer People Love Witchcraft

I was one of the three queer witches recently interviewed on Refinery29 (owned by VICE Media), on the topic of… Read More

Confronting The Collective Shadow

The concept of the Shadow refers to the aspects of ourselves we don’t want to look at, address, confront, accept… Read More

Another Look At “To Be Silent”

“To Be Silent” is perhaps the most misunderstood tenet of the Witch’s Pyramid (also called the Powers of the Magus… Read More

In Praise of the Holy Hag

Throughout recorded history, no portrayal of a woman has been demonized more than that of the hag or crone. She… Read More