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Attuning To Synchronicity

Even the most skeptical people have had psychic experiences whether they recognize it as coincidence or embrace that it was… Read More

Ethics of the Psychic Witch

Psychic ability does however come with a large responsibility, as does magick. As such, it is important to meditate on… Read More

All-Natural Magickal Skin Scrubs

I love bringing magick into every area of my daily life. This includes incorporating magick and psychic hygiene into my… Read More

Witchsplaining & How To Avoid It

This post has moved - click here to read it. … Read More

Holding Spaces of Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

As a millennial, one of my first encounters with anything remotely “realistic” in terms of witchcraft as a child was… Read More

The Sovereignty of Response

The witch is sovereign, meaning that they are in mindful control of their mind, their heart, their will, their words… Read More

Spirit Guides in the New Aeon

Since the dawn of mankind there has been evidence of the belief in alliances with non-physical beings. They come in… Read More

Seven Quick Ways To Cleanse Energy

Energy cleansing and maintaining proper psychic hygiene is crucial and commonly underrated in people's personal practices. Here are some quick… Read More

Choosing A Tarot Deck That’s Right For You

Choosing a tarot deck can be a little more complicated than you would expect. You will find that every tarot… Read More

Moldavite – Emerald of Divine Transformation

About 14.8 million years ago, a large meteorite crashed in what is known today as the Czech Republic. The impact… Read More