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Hail unto He of Many Names and Many Faces Dancing the Sabbath in the liminal places. He who is the… Read More

A Witch Interprets ‘God Is A Woman’

As a gay man, when I saw that Ariana Grande had a new music video, I was pretty excited. Then… Read More

The Etymology of Auras

The word aura comes from the Latin word aurae which means a breeze. In Greco-Roman mythology, four gods personified the… Read More

Witchcraft Has Always Been Political

Witchcraft IS political. It’s been political since the first kings summoned sorcerers for a strategic edge in war, to bind… Read More

Four Books To Learn More About Aradia

There may be no text more debated or controversial than Aradia, or Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland, purported to be… Read More

The Origin of Magickal Correspondences

I’m sure you’ve seen books that list plants or crystals correspond to certain things. But I’m finding more and more… Read More

Modern Witch Magazine Call For Submissions

Modern Witch Magazine is coming back after five years in retirement with a new staff and a new vision. We… Read More

My Favorite Queer Witchcraft Books

Happy Pride Month everyone! People are always asking me what are my recommendations for books on gay or queer witchcraft… Read More

Personal Gnosis or Delusion?

There has been a lot of talk on the topic of personal gnosis lately and I thought I would chime… Read More

What Does A Goddess Truly Look Like?

What do the gods really look like? Is this depiction of a deity accurate or inaccurate? If you follow any… Read More