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The Mischievous Tomte Spirits of Yule

A tomte is a Swedish spirit from Nordic folklore who is associated with Yule and later Christmas. Tomte translates to… Read More

What Millennial Witches Really Want

Millennials in general, are often given a bad reputation, usually being the scapegoat for a myriad of things. The rise… Read More

A Brief History Of The Krampus

Deriving his name from the word “krampen” meaning “claw,” the Krampus is described as half-goat, half-demon; a satyr-like spirit who… Read More

Modern Myths Versus Literalism

These are thoughts I was telling a friend a few weeks ago, and since the topic of “fakelore” has come… Read More

Six Books For The Activist Witch

I received an email this morning asking what books I would recommend for someone who is interested in a magickal… Read More

Laurie Cabot’s Message From Thoth

When you think of modern witchcraft in Salem, there’s one name that stands above them all, Laurie Cabot. Laurie Cabot is… Read More

When You Don’t Know Your Ancestors

I have been asked by several clients lately what to do when they don’t know their ancestors. How can they… Read More

Salem & The Magick Of Costumes

There is perhaps no other holiday so closely tied to wearing costumes as Samhain or Halloween. In Mickie Mueller’s Little Book… Read More

The Aradia Problem

Aradia, or The Gospel of the Witches is hands down one of the most influential books in modern witchcraft, with elements… Read More


Hail unto He of Many Names and Many Faces Dancing the Sabbath in the liminal places. He who is the… Read More