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The Many Epithets of Hekate

An epithet is an honorary and praiseful descriptive title used as part of a name. For example, Alexander The Great… Read More

Deity As A River

Deity tends to be one of the most mysterious things in my experience. My relationship and views on deity constantly… Read More

Hekate: She-Wolf

Last year I attended the Temple of Witchcraft’s annual Feast of Hekate. Before the Feast was a workshop led by… Read More

Witch, You Do You

We've all come across this at some point, people saying what real witches do and don't do. The irony is… Read More

Hekate, Who Works Her Will

Deep in trance Hekate appeared before me. I’m always delighted and honored when Hekate appears to me. As a devotee… Read More

Sacred Febreze

asdfsdfsadfsfA few years back at Templefest I was taking a workshop on rootworking and the instructor made a comment that… Read More

The Hex Appeal of Activism

When we start out on our path of Witchcraft we tend to learn Wiccan ideology, whether we're Wiccan or not… Read More

Born This Wyrd

By accepting that you may be different and that there's nothing wrong with that, you liberate yourself… Read More

The Magickal Properties of Carrier Oils

I have chosen (arguably) the ten most popular carrier oils for magickal oils and researched their correspondences… Read More

Divination For Spells

It is always wise to get a consultation before casting a spell. For the witch there is perhaps no greater consultant than… Read More