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Witch, You Do You

We've all come across this at some point, people saying what real witches do and don't do. The irony is… Read More

Hekate, Who Works Her Will

Deep in trance Hekate appeared before me. I’m always delighted and honored when Hekate appears to me. As a devotee… Read More

Sacred Febreze

A few years back at Templefest I was taking a workshop on rootworking and the instructor made a comment that… Read More

The Hex Appeal of Activism

When we start out on our path of Witchcraft we tend to learn Wiccan ideology, whether we're Wiccan or not… Read More

Born This Wyrd

The following originally appeared in Arcane Perfection, a collection of essays, poetry, art, rage, love, rituals, spells, and musings by, for… Read More

The Magickal Properties of Carrier Oils

Magickal oils are also known in different traditions as conditioning oils, anointing oils or potions (though not meant for consumption). These… Read More

Divination For Spells

It is always wise to get a consultation before casting a spell. For the witch there is perhaps no greater consultant than… Read More

Attuning To Synchronicity

Even the most skeptical people have had psychic experiences whether they recognize it as coincidence or embrace that it was… Read More

Ethics of the Psychic Witch

Psychic ability does however come with a large responsibility, as does magick. As such, it is important to meditate on… Read More

All-Natural Magickal Skin Scrubs

I love bringing magick into every area of my daily life. This includes incorporating magick and psychic hygiene into my… Read More