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Stop Giving Unsolicited Psychic Guidance

Often when we start opening to our psychic ability we're eager and excited to utilize our new skills. However, one… Read More

Preview: Psychic Witch (Foreword By Devin Hunter)

Embracing your power and path as a psychic being can be the most rewarding experience a witch can have in their lifetime… Read More

Having An Unconvoluted Psychic Framework

I recently decided to pick up a popular book on psychic ability by a newer author from a publishing company… Read More

The Ancestry Of A Book: Psychic Witch

I have always done my best to be completely transparent when it comes to citing my resources and where I… Read More

Truama and Psychic Awakening

I had the pleasure recently of appearing on Joanna DeVoe’s Hippie Witch Radio. Joanna’s positivity is completely infectious, in the best… Read More

I Believe In ‘Woo-Woo’ Healing and Science

About a year ago, my friend took me out to dinner to celebrate getting a book deal at a Mexican restaurant. In… Read More

The Best Astral Projection Books

The first workshop I ever taught was on the subject of astral projection. I get asked regularly which books are… Read More

I Watched The Craft, I’m A Witch Now.

Something I hear regularly are witches mocking the 90’s cult classic The Craft, or more specifically mocking those who watched the Craft… Read More

Psychic Abilities, Prophetic Dreams, and Multiple Timelines

A few months ago I was asked to be on That Witch Life, the new podcast by Kanani Soleil, Courtney… Read More

Calling Yourself A Witch Is “Identity Politics”

I’m so tired of folks whining about witchcraft getting too political or complaining about mixing “identity politics” into witchcraft. Newsflash… Read More