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Witchlab Wednesday with Mat Auryn – Witchlab

Had an almost 3 hour long chat with Tiffany of Witchlab. Check it out here… Read More

Shenanigans Magick With Mat Auryn – That Witch Life

At the tail end of the Pacific Northwest heatwave, we gathered with our TWL Squad for a virtual gathering full… Read More

Stealing from others: The continuing plagiarism of Pagan books – The Wild Hunt

In the beginning of August, Mat Auryn tweeted that he had found large portions of his book, Psychic Witch in an independently… Read More

55 Witch Books That Belong on Your Bookshelf – Cosmopolitan

Honored again to be recommended by Cosmopolitan. Check it out here: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/g33972016/best-witch-books/    … Read More

A Frustrating Pagan Plagiarism Scandal – Plagiarism Today

Earlier this month, Pagan author Mat Auryn took to Twitter to highlight what he said was a very clear case… Read More

Mastering Magick with Mat Auryn – Order of Chaos Podcast

"In this episode, I am honored to sit down with Mat Auryn to discuss his new book "Mastering Magick" along… Read More

Psychic Development With Mat Auryn – Witch Talks Podcast

This episode we chat with Mat Auryn about Psychic Development. Watch this video below or listen to it as audio… Read More

Pride Month: The Satyr’s Kiss, Gay Witchcraft and other must-read books for queer witches – Female First

Got an honorary mention as a queer witch in this book list from female first. "Even in some of the… Read More

Instagram Live Interview – The Cartomancer Magazine

"Mat talks with Jen about his life, writing, and magick. Roll the video to learn about Mat's motivation for writing… Read More

Copycat accounts affecting many Pagans – The Wild Hunt

An article about the Instagram imposters committing fraud and identity theft in the occult and spiritual community. The fake accounts… Read More