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Review: Glamour Magick

When I first started reading Glamour Magick: The Witchcraft Revolution To Get What You Want I wasn't sure how I… Read More

Review: The Secret Keys Of Conjure

The Secret Keys of Conjure: Unlocking the Mysteries of American Folk Magic by Chas Bogan is unlike any other book that… Read More

Review: Ascension Magick

What can a witch learn from the New Age movement? Is there anything in the Ascension paradigm that can benefit… Read More

Review: Staubs and Ditchwater

Staubs and Ditchwater: a Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolks’ Hoodoo by H. Byron Ballard is a fascinating look into Appalachian folk… Read More

Review: Tarot Tracker – A Year Long Journey

It’s unusual for me to review a journal, but Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey by Angelo Nasios is one of the most… Read More

Review: Letters From The Devil’s Forest

Robin Artisson is one of the most insightful modern authors on Traditional Witchcraft. His book Letters from the Devil’s Forest: An… Read More

Review: Circle For Hekate – Volume I

My reading list is pretty much a never-ending queue. However, when the postal worker dropped off a copy of Circle For… Read More

Review: Sigil Witchery

Few people possess a special type of magick flowing from them like the Midas Touch, turning everything that they do… Read More

Review: Pan’s Daughter

Rosaleen Norton is one of the most fascinating and overlooked witches in occult history, and a personal favorite. Thankfully there’s Pan’s… Read More

Review: Tree Medicine Tree Magic

Tree Medicine Tree Magic by Ellen Evert Hopman is an outstanding book for anyone who wants to learn about and deepen their… Read More