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Preview: Psychic Witch (Foreword By Devin Hunter)

Embracing your power and path as a psychic being can be the most rewarding experience a witch can have in their lifetime… Read More

Review: Honoring Your Ancestors

Mallorie Vaudoise’s Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration is without a doubt one of the best books that I’ve read this… Read More

Review: A Curious Future

Kiki Dombrowski’s A Curious Future: A Handbook of Unusual Divination and Unique Oracular Techniques is like a vintage curio cabinet showcasing various… Read More

Review: Tarot For Your Self (35th Anniversary Edition)

Today there’s an endless sea of tarot books. This is both amazing and overwhelming for those just starting out to… Read More

Review: Making Magic

Throughout Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary, Briana Saussy never gives a concrete definition of magick and… Read More

Review: The Door To Witchcraft

People often ask what a good starting point is to learn about Witchcraft, or that their teenager is interested in… Read More

Review: Southern Cunning

Aaron Oberon’s first book Southern Cunning: Folkloric Witchcraft in the American South is a slender book that packs a punch… Read More

In Defense of Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch Kit

I’ll rarely review something that’s out of print. However, I was feeling nostalgic last night and began flipping through the… Read More

Review: Morbid Magic

You would think a book titled Morbid Magic: Death Spirituality and Culture from Around the World would have prepared me for what… Read More

Review: What Is Remembered Lives

What Is Remembered Lives: Developing Relationships with Deities, Ancestors & the Fae by Phoenix LeFae covers pretty much what you would… Read More