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Attuning To Synchronicity

Even the most skeptical people have had psychic experiences whether they recognize it as coincidence or embrace that it was a psychic experience. In the paradigm of the psychic witch, there is no coincidence but rather that of synchronicity. When we view the world as coincidental, we blind ourselves to the magick that is contained within our every day life and the messages that are being sent to us. It is through synchronicity that witches and shamans read omens, signs auguries. It is also through synchronicity that the right runes or tarot cards that drawn are the ones that are meant to be.

Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology and a man very interested in mysticism and occultism. His work was a major contribution to western occultism. Jung coined the theory of synchronicity, which he defined as an acausal (or related by meaning) connection of two or more psycho-psychic phenomena, which appear to be a coincidence on the surface. The idea is that the universe via the Collective Unconscious is always trying to communicate to us psychic information through symbolism, including in the “real world” but that rationalism keeps us from understanding it.

He discovered this when was having a session he had with a psychotherapy client where she was talking about her dream of a golden scarab and the next day an insect flew into his window and after catching it, he found that it was a golden scarab. This was extremely unusual for his location and climate, however there it was! It seemed far too strange to be a coincidence. He thought about the historical symbolism ascribed to the scarab and realized that it was what she needed (symbolic death and renewal) to recover from her psychological ailments. This began his exploration of the concept.

Jung believed that behind all of these synchronicities archetypal constellations were the key. An archetype is a primordial psychic image that serves as a model for a character, symbol or role that is inherently universal because it arises from the Collective Unconsciousness, which we’re all tapped into. The Collective Unconscious speaks through symbols that we have ascribed meaning to throughout our existence as a human species. The easiest examples are the archetypes of the “hero” and the “villain” or “friend” or “monster” or “healer” or “lover”, which are all universal and everyone understands what type of character that is. Archetypal constellation is when various elements begin to merge in the Unconscious Mind from the Collective Unconscious into patterned relationships externally for the Conscious Mind to assimilate and understand. This means that we can see a very observable link between these premonitions that seem to be coincidental and a direct message related to your experience and what you need to know.

Carl Jung was heavy into exploring the realm of dreams and the meanings behind them. He believed that the Collective Unconscious was speaking through symbols through dreams. Heavy emphasis was placed on the interpretation of dreams and the archetypes and symbols within them to understand the messages that the individual was receiving. Many spiritual and mystical traditions around the world view the waking world as a dream or as having equal importance or validity. By recognizing the synchronicity around us and acknowledging it, we begin to see patterns and themes. I believe that one should try interpreting synchronistic events in the same way that one would interpret dream symbolism. Doing so leads to a more open psychic state to the messages of the spirits, gods, ancestors, Higher Self and universe. So pay attention the next time a strange coincidence occurs within your life. It’s an opportunity to open your lines of communication and guidance within your life.