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Mat Auryn is a witch, writer, professional psychic, and occult teacher throughout New England. He has been drawn to the occult and metaphysical since an early age, reading books on witchcraft at eight years old. He is an initiate of Black Rose Witchcraft and a High Priest in Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft founded by Devin Hunter. He has also studied with various other traditions and teachers including Jason Miller in the Sorcery of Hekate, Christopher Penczak in the Temple of Witchcraft, and Laurie Cabot in the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Tradition. He is a devotee of the Covenant of Hekate founded by Sorita D’Este.

He writes for Patheos Pagan in his blog For Puck’s Sake, The House of Twigs, Horns Magazine, The Witch’s Almanac, and on his personal website. He has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, books and other periodicals such as DisInfo, The Wild Hunt, Down at the Crossroads podcast, Raise the Horns Podcast, Magick Magazine, Horns Magazine, Moon Books, Cutline Press, Just Julie, Magical Experiments, and more. Mat Auryn is ranked the second most influential person online in the field of neo-paganism and within the top 100 in divination by Agilience.

Mat has had the honor of helping thousands of people gain clarity through his skills of psychic ability and tarot reading throughout the world over the last decade. He has been interviewed on radio, in magazines, and on several websites and private newsletters. Mat teaches various metaphysical and occult subjects ranging from psychic development, magickal empowerment, working with spirits, divination, energy healing, lucid dreaming, divination, astral projection throughout New England including Salem, Massachusetts, known internationally as the Witch City.

His first book Psychic Witch is scheduled for release in Autumn 2019.



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Festivals Mat Has Taught At

Rhode Island Pagan Pride 2018
“Triple Soul of the Witch”

Templefest 2017
“Artificial Servitor Spirits”

Templefest 2016
“Intuitive Tarot”
“Rite of the Cosmic Dreamer” – co-lead ritual with Sacred Fires Tradition

Templefest 2015
“Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection”


Stores & Venues Mat Teaches At

Moth & Moon Studios
Bedford, New Hampshire

The Robin’s Nest
Bellingham, Massachusetts

Enchanted Shop
Salem, Massachusetts

Pagan Moon Shop
Salem, Massachusetts

Divinations Psychic Parlor and Learning Center
Salem, Massachusetts

The Art of Divination
Salem, Massachusetts