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The Craft, The Devil, Familiar Spirits, and Validation

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Christopher Orapello and Tara Love-Maguire on their podcast Down At The Crossroads….

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Astral Projection, Witchcraft, Spirits, and Psychic Abilities

I was recently interviewed on Weird Web Radio by Lonnie Scott. I had a lot of fun despite feeling a bit…

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Video: The Most Important Tool Of The Modern Witch

One of the things that really stood out for me recently was how many people thought my Rebuttal to Doreen Virtue’s…

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Video: In Defense of Witchcraft Books

One of my New Year resolutions was to start uploading videos on youtube. I’m not a big fan of being…

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Datura Plant Spirit Guided Journey – Audio (Patreon Exclusive)

In this guided audio, Christopher Penczak calls to the spirit of Datura and leads a guided meditation to journey into…

✎ 7 September, 2018 Read More ➸

Communicating With Spirits Through Tarot Video (Patreon Exclusive)

In this video I show you the basics of using the tarot to open up communication with a spirit. I…

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Jezebel’s Money Bath (Patreon Exclusive)

Here is my newest favorite money bath recipe and ritual. This formula is one that I divined with the help…

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Jaclyn Cherie: Luciferian Witchcraft & The Nephilim Rising

Jaclyn Cherie is an Author, Word Alchemist, Seer, Witch, Intersectional Feminist, Luciferian, Torchbearer, Animist and Wild Woman. She’s also the…

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Elizabeth Autumnalis On Growing Up As A Witch & Land Spirits

Elizabeth Autumnalis is a lifelong multi-generational witch, writer, ritualist, professional psychic and occult teacher throughout New England. Growing up in…

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Chris Allaun on Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Ancestors

Chris Allaun has been studying paganism and the occult since 1992. He is an ordained minister with The Brotherhood of…

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Review: Stones of the Goddess

As a professional occult teacher, writer, and author; Nicholas Pearson has been my go-to guy when I have questions when…

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Review: The Witch’s Mirror

The Witch’s Mirror: The Craft, Lore & Magick of the Looking Glass by Mickie Mueller is absolutely brilliant. The whole Witch’s…

✎ 5 February, 2019 Read More ➸

Review: The Witch’s Book of Mysteries

The Witch’s Book of Mysteries is Devin Hunter’s best book to date and is quite the accomplishment for any witchcraft book….

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Review: The Robin Wood Tarot

The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood is a deck that is very close to my heart for sentimental reasons. It…

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Review: The Gospel of Aradia Oracle

The Gospel of Aradia Oracle Deck by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton is a great deck for many reasons. First, the…

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Review: Mildred Payne’s Oracle of Black Enchantment

While Patrick Valenza is best known for his Deviant Moon tarot, his best offerings tend to be his indie self-published decks. Mildred…

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