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Missing The Forest For The Trees

Often I notice within paganism and occultism a trend of seeing the forest for the trees. To not be able to “see…

✎ 20 January, 2018 Read More ➸

The Underworld Beer Bath

One of my favorite cleansing baths is the beer bath. While I’m not positive where this practice originated, Raven Kaldera writes that it’s an old…

✎ 12 January, 2018 Read More ➸

The Many Epithets of Hekate

An epithet is an honorary and praiseful descriptive title used as part of a name. For example, Alexander The Great….

✎ 30 March, 2017 Read More ➸

Deity As A River

Deity tends to be one of the most mysterious things in my experience. My relationship and views on deity constantly…

✎ 28 March, 2017 Read More ➸

Review: The Secret Keys Of Conjure

The Secret Keys of Conjure: Unlocking the Mysteries of American Folk Magic by Chas Bogan is unlike any other book that…

✎ 11 January, 2018 Read More ➸

The Witching Hour

Silver Ravenwolf is back and better than ever! Her newest book, The Witching Hour: Spells, Powders, Formulas and Techniques That…

✎ 12 September, 2017 Read More ➸

Dark Goddess Craft

Stephanie Woodfield’s Dark Goddess Craft: A Journey through the Heart of Transformation is a great book for anyone interested in Dark Goddesses…

✎ 12 September, 2017 Read More ➸

In Nomine Hekate

Recently I was asked by a close friend of mine to help come up with a daily devotional to Hekate…

✎ 6 April, 2017 Read More ➸

The Eucharist of Mandragora

Alraun Spirit Blood Brother Verdant Familiar Blasphemous Teacher Blessed Trickster Drink of me As I drink of you Decompose me…

✎ 1 January, 2017 Read More ➸

To The Torch-Bearing Titans

We call upon the light-bearing Titaness of the Crossroads Hekate! Unconquerable One! You who have far-shooting power You who hold…

✎ 29 November, 2016 Read More ➸

Psychic & Magickal Protection – A Reading List

We are constantly being bombarded by chaotic energy in the world today. Psychic and magickal protection are crucial practices for…

✎ 7 February, 2017 Read More ➸

Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming – A Reading List

I often get asked what books someone should read for astral projection, lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences. Here is the…

✎ 29 January, 2017 Read More ➸

Witches & Plants – A Reading List

Witchcraft and herbalism have a long and honored history together. In ancient Greece one of the earliest terms for a witch…

✎ 7 January, 2017 Read More ➸