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Interviewing Your Tarot Deck

There are so many tarot decks out there and each one has its own unique voice and energy. So you’ve chosen a tarot…

✎ 20 February, 2018 Read More ➸

Asking Your Psychic Better Questions

In my article on How To Receive A Better Psychic Reading, I wrote: “Most readings are timed. There’s been so many…

✎ 15 February, 2018 Read More ➸

Your Inner Feral Magickal Child

I have written about previously how Witchcraft takes work, how we shouldn’t have blind faith, and how our Craft should push and challenge us….

✎ 9 February, 2018 Read More ➸

The Difference Between Intuition & Psychic Ability

The terms psychic ability and intuition are often used interchangeably and I have been guilty of doing so in the…

✎ 8 February, 2018 Read More ➸

Devotion To The Most Holy Death

Steven Bragg holds initiations into several Wicca and Wicca-based traditions as well as African Diasporic Religious and spiritual practices, including Haitian Vodou,…

✎ 20 January, 2018 Read More ➸

Modern Energy Clearing With David Salisbury

David Salisbury is an activist, writer, and teacher who co-organizes The Firefly House, the largest witchcraft tradition in the Washington, DC area….

✎ 20 January, 2018 Read More ➸

Sorita d’Este: Devoted To The Saviouress

Sorita d’Este is an author, researcher and priestess who has devoted her life to the Mysteries.

✎ 18 January, 2018 Read More ➸

Review: Feasting From The Black Cauldron

For those looking to make their first connection with a traditional style of witchcraft, Feasting From The Black Cauldron will serve as…

✎ 17 February, 2018 Read More ➸

Review: Garbed In Green

Garbed In Green: Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mysteries by Casey Giovinco was fantastic book. Being completely unaware of the author, I…

✎ 15 February, 2018 Read More ➸

Review: Love Magic

When I got this book I figured it would be just another book of love spells. While I was technically…

✎ 15 February, 2018 Read More ➸

UDP&R: Flowers From The Dead Oracle

It’s rare when I come across any oracle decks that I love. Flowers From The Dead is one of those…

✎ 8 January, 2018 Read More ➸

UDP&R: The Wooden Tarot

The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz is a gorgeous deck with some really interesting perspectives.  

✎ 31 December, 2017 Read More ➸

UDP&R: Tarot Of Shadows

Tarot of Shadows is a Russian indie deck available in a standard edition and a special edition. The deck is full of imagery from…

✎ 23 December, 2017 Read More ➸