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A Witch Interprets ‘God Is A Woman’

As a gay man, when I saw that Ariana Grande had a new music video, I was pretty excited. Then…

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The Etymology of Auras

The word aura comes from the Latin word aurae which means a breeze. In Greco-Roman mythology, four gods personified the…

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Witchcraft Has Always Been Political

Witchcraft IS political. It’s been political since the first kings summoned sorcerers for a strategic edge in war, to bind…

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Four Books To Learn More About Aradia

There may be no text more debated or controversial than Aradia, or Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland, purported to be…

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Jewel Case Energy Exercise (Patreon Exclusive)

Byron Ballard shares her Jewel Case technique, which is her quick simple method to ground, center, shield, regroup, strategize, and emerge….

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A Helios-Hekate Spell for Success (Patreon Exclusive)

Jason Miller shares a spell for any solar related desire such as fame, wealth, power, inspiration, clarity, success. The spell…

✎ 25 May, 2018 Read More ➸

A Pagan Approach To Spirit Boards (Patreon Exclusive)

Chas Bogan provides a guide to safely working with spirit boards including how to bless the board, open a line…

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The Hillfolks’ Hoodoo of Byron Ballard

Byron Ballard has called western North Carolina home since her birth at the local Seventh Day Adventist tb sanitarium. Her…

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Hekate: Queen of Sorcery

Jason Miller is the author of The Elements of Spellcrafting, Protection and Reversal Magick; Financial Sorcery; The Sorcerer’s Secrets; and Sex Sorcery and Spirit. He…

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Beginner Books Recommended By Faery/Feri Witches

The Faery Tradition of Witchcraft (often spelled “Feri”) is an American-based tradition of witchcraft, which some consider to be a…

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Review: The Enchanted Candle

Lady Rhea has been a Gardnerian priestess since the 1970s and co-founded the Minoan Sisterhood. She’s been running occult shops…

✎ 14 July, 2018 Read More ➸

Review: Norse Witch

Norse Witch: Reclaiming the Heidhrinn Heart by Connla Freyjason is a channeled book on Heathenry through Michelle Iacona. Before I begin…

✎ 25 May, 2018 Read More ➸

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I don’t normally review comic books – in fact, I think that this is my first, and anything with the…

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UPD&R: Prisma Visions Tarot

The Prisma Visions Tarot is a stunning deck created by James R. Eads. The vibe of the deck is of…

✎ 24 February, 2018 Read More ➸

UDP&R: Flowers From The Dead Oracle

It’s rare when I come across any oracle decks that I love. Flowers From The Dead is one of those…

✎ 8 January, 2018 Read More ➸

UDP&R: The Wooden Tarot

The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz is a gorgeous deck with some really interesting perspectives.  

✎ 31 December, 2017 Read More ➸